Sustainable swimwear: 10 brands swimming against the tide afbeelding

Finding sustainable swimwear can be a tricky task. Typically, swimwear is made from plastic-based materials like nylon and polyester. They stretch well and dry quickly. But these synthetic fibres come from petroleum and they never biodegrade.

So what’s a sustainability conscious swimmer to do? Thankfully, a number of swimwear brands and designers are creating products that are kinder to the environment and still have all the functionality you’d expect from a great swimsuit or pair of board shorts.

Here are some of the most exciting sustainable swimwear brands out there right now.

10 of the best sustainable swimwear brands

Tide & Seek

This sustainable swimwear brand makes bikinis and one pieces for women. All designs are made from REPREVE®, a polyester fibre made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The fabric is chlorine resistant and offers UV protection at factor 50. And we love the range of patterns, all in fun pastel shades.

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Arket’s sustainable swimwear for both men and women is made from recycled materials. Recovered fishing nets, discarded plastics and even old carpets are combined to make Econyl®, a form of recycled nylon. This quick drying material is then used to make Arket’s simple but stylish range of swim shorts, bikinis and swimsuits.

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Offering a wide range of sustainable swimwear options for women (and a few designs for men too), Weekday only uses recycled materials in its swimwear. Using recycled materials – like recycled polyamide and recycled polyester – saves on raw materials and energy. And prevents items ending up in landfill too.

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Monki are on a mission to use only recycled and sustainably sourced fabrics in their designs by 2030. They’ve already made headway with their women’s swimwear collection. Stylish designs and loads of colour are the order of the day. And most importantly, all Monki swimwear is made from recycled polyester.

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The guys at OHOY Swim say they don’t believe in swimwear seasons. Instead, they create timeless, Scandi cool swimwear designs that look great from one year to the next. This sustainable swimwear brand uses only recycled materials and donates a percentage of each sale to Healthy Seas, a charity committed to clearing plastic waste from our oceans.

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Head over to the Patagonia site and you’ll find high performance board shorts, bikinis and swimsuits made for the great outdoors. Made from fairly traded, recycled fabrics they tick the sustainability box too. What’s more, Patagonia donate 1% of all sales to environmental initiatives, meaning that since 1985 they and their customers have given an incredible $89 million to planet preserving projects!

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Sustainable Swimwear overview


Sustainable swimwear brand, Riz, specialise in colourful, patterned board shorts made from recycled fabrics. For every pair sold, the company donates to the Marine Conservation Society. And, once your pair of Riz swim shorts is worn out, you can send them back to be recycled or repaired and get 25% off a new pair!

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a sustainable swimwear brand all about feeling good, looking good, and doing good. Their women’s swimwear (and their loungewear range too) is sustainably made in California. Pick from a huge variety of styles and colours. And rest assured that, whatever bikini or swimsuit you choose, it’ll be made from EcoLux™ or EcoRib®, both recycled nylon fabrics.

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Boden take the sustainability and longevity of their products seriously. They make clothing that will last for years to come. And they’re on track to meet their target of using only recycled fabrics in their swimwear ranges for men, women and kids by 2025. They’ve already got a number of creative and colourful styles made from ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon made from old fishing nets.

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Casa Raki

Bold colours and flattering designs are the signature style of sustainable swimwear brand, Casa Raki. Their products are made from ECONYL® and an innovative, totally renewable yarn made from castor beans! Production is ethical too, with all swimwear made at a female owned and operated factory in Portugal.

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Before you dive in and purchase your new sustainable swimwear, visit TreeClicks. Our browser extension and mobile app allow you to plant trees as you shop. How does it work? Buy from any of our partner stores and we receive a fee, which we then use to fund reforestation initiatives around the world. It’s easy, free and so good for the planet. Check us out today!

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By Carmen, 1 month ago
Sustainable swimwear isn't compromising style for ethics; it's the epitome of fashion-forward thinking. With innovative designs and materials, brands are proving that you can make a statement both on the beach and for the environment, redefining what <a href=“”> swimwear </a> truly means.
By August Dyrberg, 3 years ago
Hey   I'm August, founder of the sustainable fashion brand, Marda. Our mission is to pull plastics out of the ocean and convert it into sustainable high-quality swimwear.  We've been covered in Forbes, GQ, Borsen, Elle etc., but I spotted your article above. We're always trying to find new ways to be a part of the climate change conversation and give people more green choices.  Would it be possible to get listed alongside the other sustainable companies mentioned in the article?  We're always up for sharing it to our thousands of newsletter subscribers, social media followers, and would be sure to mention the article in our press section.  Thoughts?" Best, August Dyrberg

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