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The world is taking its first tentative steps away from fast fashion. More and more of us are asking how and where our clothing is made. It’s important to ask the same questions of our accessories. So what does it take to be a sustainable jewellery brand?

The best sustainable jewellery brands use recycled rather than newly mined materials. They have a transparent supply chain. And they do their best to protect both their workers and the environment.

Thanks to the growing popularity of sustainable jewellery, it’s now possible to find jewellery that matches your price point and your values, as well as your own unique sense of style.

Here are some of the best sustainable jewellery brands out there right now.

7 of the best sustainable jewellery brands

Wild Fawn Jewellery

Wild Fawn’s simple, elegant jewellery designs can be worn from one season to the next, encouraging customers to prioritise quality over quantity. Jewellery is handmade to order by jewellery designer, Emma, in her London workshop.

All of the gold Emma uses is Fairtrade, meaning it’s either recycled or produced fairly and transparently. And because she only uses solid gold and silver in her designs, she avoids the chemicals traditionally involved in gold or silver plating.

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Pandora is one of the biggest jewellery names out there. Luckily, it’s also one of the more sustainable. Pandora already gets 71% of its silver and gold from recycled sources. And now the brand has set a target to become completely carbon neutral and use only recycled metals by 2025.

Recycled silver and gold look just as good as the newly mined alternatives. And they produce a greatly reduced carbon and water footprint. Pandora is embracing the circular economy and ensuring that these precious metals don’t end up in landfill.

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Diamonds are famously a girl’s best friend. And there are so many beautiful jewellery pieces to splash out on at Kobelli. Thankfully, Kobelli diamonds are also a friend to the environment.

Lab-grown diamonds are their speciality. Made from a fragment of mined diamond, which is exposed to the same pressure conditions that produce natural diamonds, these gems avoid the carbon footprint and social concerns associated with diamond mining.

They look just as good as mined diamonds – even diamond industry experts find it difficult to tell the difference! - and they’re much cheaper too.

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Etsy is home to an incredible selection of independent jewellery makers. Many of them design and hand-make jewellery pieces themselves, ensuring a much smaller carbon footprint that big jewellery brands with operations spanning a number of countries or continents.

Shop around and you’ll find sustainable jewellery made from recycled materials and businesses with a responsible supply chain and sustainable practices.

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Sustainable jewellery earrings


Daphine’s timeless jewellery designs never fall out of fashion. Handmade in an atelier in Jaipur from recycled brass, Daphine jewellery collections are made in limited quantities, meaning everything gets sold and nothing goes to waste.

As a Responsible Jewellery Council member, Daphine ensures sustainability throughout its entire jewellery making process. Oh – and you can count on plastic-free recyclable packaging made from fully recycled materials too!

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Lilian Von Trapp

Berlin-based jeweller Lilian Von Trapp designs high end pieces for both men and women. She uses recycled gold and vintage diamonds to create timeless and luxurious jewellery.

What’s more, part of her profits go to the Earthbeat Foundation in Uganda. This organisation works in African mining communities, helping gold and gem miners gain the skills and awareness they need to pursue safer and more environmentally sustainable work.

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Edge of Ember

Super popular with celebrities including Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding, Edge of Ember creates sustainable jewellery without an A-list price tag.

Designed by a team in London and made in artisanal and ethically operated workshops across Asia, Edge of Ember jewellery uses recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. They also offer a recycling programme, whereby customers can send in old, unwanted jewellery in return for shop credit.

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Keen to shop more sustainably? Add the TreeClicks extension to your desktop browser or download the TreeClicks app. For every purchase made with one of our 50,000+ partner stores (including a selection of sustainable jewellery brands), we’ll plant trees as part of reforestation projects around the world.

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