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Want to know the explanations of the answers of the quiz?

Which activity has the highest environmental impact for a Western-European (read: Dutch) household? (1)

Correct: Consuming stuff, including meat

Research of CE Delft shows that buying stuff has the highest negative environmental impact for a Dutch household. Also in other Western-European countries it's estimated that consuming stuff has an enormous impact. That's due to the fact that producing stuff costs a lot of energy and resources. This production process also happens in countries that have less strict environmental laws.

Which is the most environmental friendly form of travel? (2)

Correct: Traveling by train

The train travels on electricity and in countries like The Netherlands it's even powered by wind energy. It's even better to go by cycle or walk of course.

Which is worst for the environment? (3)

Correct: Beef

Beef has per kilo consumed the highest carbon emissions. It also has a large water consumption.

Is it better to drive an electric car than a conventional car from an environmental perspective? (4)

Correct: Yes

When producing a car with an electric battery, a lot of carbon is emitted, more than with a conventional vehicle. But since the batteries can be recycled and the electric vehicles expect to last long, it is better for the environment.

For how many percent did renewable energy account for the domestic generated electricity in the USA in 2018? (5)

Correct: Less than 30%

Unfortunately electricity from renewable energy sources like wind and solar only accounted for about 17 percent of the renewable electricity generation in the USA in 2018. Source

A quiz that tests your knowledge about Climate Change, the Environment and Sustainability

Our sustainability quiz 🌱🌎 has a few short questions about your knowledge regarding sustainability. With questions like:

  • Quiz question 1: "What has the largest environmental impact in a Western-European household?".
  • Quiz question 2: "Which is the most climate friendly form of travel: driving a car, plane or the train?".
  • Etc.

Why we've built this sustainability quiz

There is lot of debate about sustainability at the moment. Fortunately, there are lots of facts, based on science. We wanted a quiz that meets those scientific facts. Although, even some of these answers could have multiple true answers. For correct knowledge always use credible news sources and scientific resources. There is a lot of incorrect information out there.