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Wouldn't it be great if just reading books about sustainability, trees and reforestation could make a real difference? Now, with TreeClicks, you can buy and aid in reforesting efforts at the same time. You can plant a tree whenever you buy a book or e-book.

Of course, we all need to really act, and act fast to halt and reverse environmental degradation and global warming. However, being informed can often be the starting point. Read some good books on sustainability. This can help you understand the small changes you can make in your daily life that will really make a difference.

Here are seven fascinating about sustainability, trees and reforestation to consider reading as soon as possible:

Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming - Paul Hawken

Reverse global warming

A New York Times bestseller, this seminal work on climate solutions shows us that there are science-based, practicable real world actions we can take to combat our climate crisis.

This book is filled with solutions from an international collaboration of researchers, scientists and policymakers, many of which are already being enacted around the world. Read this and hope.

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How Bad are Bananas? (2020 edition) – Mike Berners-Lee

This ground-breaking book first came out in 2010, but has since been updated with the most recent research for the latest edition.

It includes a list of household items and activities and their carbon footprints – and really can be an eye opener for those new to the field, and to the idea of carbon budgeting and sustainability.

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TreeClicks Plants Trees for Free the Next Time You Shop Online 🌲🛍️

TreeClicks is a free app for Chrome that plants trees for free when shopping online at more than 40,000+ shops. Including, Walmart, ASOS & Topshop. Shopping prices remain the same.

Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist – Kate Raworth

Increasingly, there is an understanding that economic growth does not need to be key to progress. In fact, constant growth is not compatible with sustainability. In this book, Kate Raworth makes the case for a new shape of economics – the doughnut.

We need to live within the ring defined on the inside by a basic minimum standard of life, and on the outside by the resources our planet can afford. When we live in this way, we can meet our own needs without depleting the planet.

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The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future – David Wallace-Wells

Uninhabitable Earth

Avoiding deforestation and taking steps in sustainability is crucial to avoid a bleak future.

Sometimes, in order to make the changes that need to be made, we need to face up to the stark truth. Our climate crisis is so much worse than many people think.

This book forces readers to face up to what awaits us in the future – the way in which our climate crisis will reshape every single aspect of our lives and could even turn out abundant planet into a living nightmare. Read this book for a terrifying wake up call.

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Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change

Psychology is often described as one of the biggest barriers to sustainable change. This book helps us to understand how people think. It highlights how our values, assumptions and prejudices can take on lives of their own, and how we are wired as humans.

Once we better understand what inspires, threatens and motivates us, we can rethink climate change and tackle the greatest challenge we have ever faced.

- Buy at: Amazon / Barnes and Nobles

The Hidden Impact

As Western consumers we have much more impact than we imagine. Most of us are now at least vaguely aware of the carbon emissions associated with driving etc.. But there are many hidden costs that many people do not think about. The ways in which our choices cause deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, for example.

Each and every thing we buy and use in our daily lives comes at a cost. Read this book to learn more about these hidden impacts and get some background information and practical tips for a more positive, sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical way of life.

Buy from the Hidden Impact site

One Shot: Trees as Our Last Chance for Survival – John Leary

This book takes a compelling look at global agriculture and the world's farming practices and explains how forest gardens and agroforestry solutions should be considered a core agricultural solution.

Integrating trees into food producing systems is a key solution that we will have to employ over the coming years, Trees are our last chance for survival. TreeClicks has an agroforestry project in Tanzania which demonstrates this solution in action.

- Buy at: Amazon

Of course, there are plenty of other excellent books on sustainability, reforestation and trees. By installing TreeClicks, you can buy and read these books while helping restore ecosystems in the Amazon, Australia or Tanzania. One you have read these books you will understand why doing so is not just desirable, but essential. So download TreeClicks and become part of a sustainable future today.

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