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How ethical & sustainable is [Brazil] Livup Desktop - CPA?

And how you can plant free trees with a simple step

Yes, it's best to shop as little as possible. If you do shop, choose for the most sustainable options: second hand, low-impact products or products from B Corporations. And don't forget to install & enable TreeClicks so that we can plant trees for free when you shop online.

🔍 About [Brazil] Livup Desktop - CPA

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URL: livup.com.br

Peça agora Liv Up, comida congelada gostosa e prática pronta para consumo! Faça seu pedido pelo site ✓Cardápio Variado ✓Aceitamos Boleto, VA e VR We've retrieved the site description of [Brazil] Livup Desktop - CPA automatically. It could be that this information is not correct. So always read on your own risk / with caution.

⭐ Yes, [Brazil] Livup Desktop - CPA has a B Corporation certification

[Brazil] Livup Desktop - CPA is B Corporation certified. A B Corp certification means that the organization has been verified on the highest social and environmental norms. Read further below. Or view the B Corp score for [Brazil] Livup Desktop - CPA in the B Corporation directory.

🌲 Plant trees for free when shopping at [Brazil] Livup Desktop - CPA

TreeClicks is an app / plugin for Chrome that plants trees for free when you shop at one of the 40,000+ connected shops. [Brazil] Livup Desktop - CPA is also connected. When you shop here, we will receive a small fee for bringing you in as a customer. We will use the majority of this fee to plant trees around the globe.

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🏷️ More sustainable brands

🚚 Sustainble tip: check if the shop's warehouse is not too far off, so that the shipping's footprint won't get too high.

How do we rank these shops & brands on sustainability?

So far, we chose to mark shops as sustainable that are certified B Corporations. We are always open for using and combining new standards.

"Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose."

It is difficult to rank a complete brand or company on its sustainable characteristics. That is why we emphasize that the greenest stuff is the stuff you do not buy. If you still need something it might be worth checking out companies that are ranked as a B Corporation. Want to be more thorough? Check if a company has a sustainability & social report that makes sense. Check if they report on social & environmental characteristics, equality, well-being and more.

We intend to extend this list with other standards as well. If you have any suggestions, let us know.