Search For Trees Search Engine: Plant Trees While You Search afbeelding

Today, we are introducing Search For Trees, a revolutionary eco-friendly search engine. Now, every online search can contribute to reforestation. It's as simple as searching, planting, and making a difference!

How It Works

  1. Visit Search For Trees: Explore
  2. Search as Usual: Input your queries as you normally would.
  3. Watch Your Tree Counter Grow: After a while your tree counter grows. We start planting trees out of search engine advertising income.

Join In and Make an Impact!

60% towards Trees: Direct 60% of ad revenues to tree-planting projects. Help combat deforestation and reduce CO2 impact!

TreeClicks Plants Trees for Free the Next Time You Shop Online 🌲🛍️

TreeClicks is a free app for Chrome that plants trees for free when shopping online at more than 40,000+ shops. Including, Walmart, ASOS & Topshop. Shopping prices remain the same.

Green Support for African Farmers

Search For Trees supports Trees for the Future (TREES) in creating sustainable food forests in Africa. Trees play a vital role in water conservation, soil health, and shielding land from erosion. Your searches support local farmers!

What Makes It Unique?

Search For Trees is one of the first to utilize Google as its primary engine, compatible with all major browsers and iPhones. Most importantly, we're transparent about the funds channeled into tree projects. Witness how your searches make the world greener!

Check out Search For Trees

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