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Planting trees is the best way to combat climate change. Millions of healthy trees are needed to cool the earth. That is why we plant trees all over the world through various forest projects. The programs focus on reforestation and agroforestry.

Reforestation: planting trees in deforested areas

TreeClicks supports reforestation projects in Australia and the Amazon. Reforestation involves planting new trees in deforested areas. Think of tropical forests that have been cleared for soy or palm oil plantations. Reforestation will naturally restore the area by replanting native trees and shrubs.

The importance of reforestation

Every year 6.5 million hectares of forest disappear from our earth, which is the equivalent of 17 football fields per minute. This gigantic amount of forest clearing threatens the biodiversity, ecosystems and habitats of both animals and humans. The ecosystem is restored by planting trees in previously wooded areas. Nature grows back and thus biodiversity is revived. Do you want to support a reforestation project? Enter your choice below.

Agroforestry, a sustainable form of agriculture

Via TreeClicks you can support an agroforestry project in Tanzania. Agroforestry is a sustainable combination of forestry and agriculture: farmers grow food as well as trees and shrubs on one piece of land. Trees provide shelter for crops, provide natural water regulation and aid in soil recovery. The different plants together form a healthy habitat for wild animals, creating a richer biodiversity.

Agroforestry as an alternative to monoculture

Agroforestry is a sustainable alternative to monoculture. In this agricultural method, farmers only grow one crop and as a result the soil is increasingly depleted. Hardly any nature grows on the poor soil and this is at the expense of biodiversity. Agroforestry helps in the recovery of the depleted agricultural land and prevents nature from suffering under agriculture. Want to contribute to sustainable agricultural developments? Choose your favorite project below.

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Amazon Reforestation

Amazon Agroforestry

Help restoring degraded land in Loreto, Peru. And support farmers with agroforestry practices.

  • Agroforestry project

  • Restore degraded land

  • Support local farmers

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Australia Reforestation

Australia Reforestation

Support reforestation due to wood fires in New South Wales (NSW).

  • Reforest affected areas

  • NSW is home to koalas, kangaroos and wombats

  • Conserve biodiversity

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Tanzania Agroforestry ©WeForest

Tanzania Agroforestry

Support sustainable farming practices with planting trees in local villages

  • Restore native forest

  • Increase local food security

  • Agroforestry

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If you shop via our partner shops and you have our plugin enabled we receive a fee for bringing you in as a customer. We use that fee to plant trees.

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3. We plant trees from our ad revenue

The majority of our fee directly goes into planting trees. Trees cool the earth. Tree planting is one of the most effective ways to reduce global warming.

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