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Tanzania Agroforestry Project

An agroforestry project in northwestern Tanzania

Years of monoculture have depleted agricultural land in many areas. Growing food is increasingly difficult and food scarcity is therefore a major problem. And because most trees have been felled to make way for agriculture, unique animal species are under threat.

WeForest has started a multi-year agroforestry project together with the residents of the Rorya District. New trees and crops are planted so that nature can recover. The farmers also learn to grow food in a sustainable way.

Do you choose to support this project in Tanzania through TreeClicks? Then you contribute to a healthier living environment for the population and a richer biodiversity.

This video from Trees.org shows how agroforestry works and shows the benefits of the food forests for the population and nature. This is a different project than the WeForest project, but hopefully it will give a good impression of the principles of agroforestry.

The drawbacks of monoculture

Many farmers use monoculture: they grow one crop, which they sell after the annual harvest. This also means that they depend on that one harvest moment, which unfortunately can fail due to a plague, for example. This also ensures an uncertain income. In addition, the sales price is sometimes driven down, because many people sell the same crop and competition is fierce.

Most of the trees have also been felled to make way for agriculture. The soil is exhausted, making growing new crops increasingly difficult. Hardly any vegetation grows anymore and large areas of land are now unusable.

Food forests as a solution

The solution? It is hidden in nature itself. There are also ways to grow food in which nature can repair itself. This requires other ways of farming, such as permaculture. In this multi-year project, WeForest works together with the population of Tanzania to help them realize a so-called "food forest".

At the village of Kinesi in Rorya, a region in Tanzania, trees are grown in tree nurseries. The trees are planted near schools, hospitals and villages. Farmers set up vegetable gardens near the trees. The trees provide a natural way for healthy soil recovery and good drainage.

Goals of the project

Restoration of native forests

In this project, nature is given the opportunity to continue to recover year after year. This creates a rich biodiversity again. Varied agriculture creates a natural cycle of soil recovery.

Greater food security

The inhabitants grow a variety of crops in their food forests: from cashews to lettuce and from tomatoes to mint. This way they can harvest fresh food all year round.

A more stable income

The farmers regularly harvest crops to sell at the market. The new way of farming provides a more stable income.

Education: learning about nature

Schools play an important role in this project in Tanzania. The trees planted near the schools provide shade and fresh fruit for children and teachers. In addition, they offer opportunities for education about the environment and nature. Young children learn about the importance of conservation and see how they can take care of nature in practice. For example, the school children themselves go to the nearby lake to fetch water with which to water the trees.

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