Your privacy is important

That is why we are clear in explaining what privacy you can expect from us.

Our goal is simple: planting as many trees as possible.

That is why we will respect your privacy.

What we do offer:

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Planting free trees

With the TreeClicks extension you plant trees while shopping at partners. We do not share your personal data with these partners, only if an order is missing and you request us to trace it.

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Personal tree planting stats

We offer account functionalities that allow you to see how many trees were planted thanks to you. Creating an account is optional and NOT required.

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Data limitation choices

We always provide you the option to remove your account with only one click. We use ad networks like Facebook to attract users. You can disable the majority of tracking in the cookie screen.

What we don't do:

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Selling your data to third parties

We are in the business of supporting tree planting organizations, not of selling your data. However, there are circumstances where we can share data with certain third parties.

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Tracking your browsing history

When you activate TreeClicks we only know that current page, so that we can send you back and know where you did shop. We won't know the rest of your browsing history.

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Storing unnecessary data

We do NOT store unnecessary information like phone number, birth date, etc. If you shop at a partnered merchant and leave personal data or payment data we do NOT receive this information.

Want to read further?

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