Over ons

TreeClicks is a 🛒 shopping extension that receives advertising fee 💰 for bringing you in as a customer and uses it for planting trees 🌲!

Features of TreeClicks:

  • 🌐 Free Chrome plugin
  • 🛍️ Shopping prices remain the same
  • 🌳 We use the majority of our advertising fee to plant trees in India.

Why TreeClicks? To help planting the required billions of trees.

Deforestation currently accounts for more that 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Since e-commerce is trillion dollar economy, if everybody were to use TreeClicks, enormous amounts of forests could be planted 🌳🌲🌴.

Will you track me? How safe is TreeClicks?

We track you for the sales you make to know your amount of trees planted. Further we try to track you via the plugin as little as possible.

We can't stop you from shopping, but you can help us planting trees for free!