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9 of the Coolest Vegan Sneakers you can Buy Right Now afbeelding
Shopping for vegan sneakers? Brands are increasingly upping their game when it comes to sustainable shoes, free from animal products.If you want to make sure your sneakers are kind to the planet and 100% vegan, here are a few of the finest pairs you can find online right now.
Sustainable swimwear: 10 brands swimming against the tide afbeelding
Finding sustainable swimwear can be a tricky task. Typically, swimwear is made from plastic-based materials like nylon and polyester. They stretch well and dry quickly. But these synthetic fibres come from petroleum and they never biodegrade. So what’s a sustainability conscious swimmer to do? Thankfully, a number of swimwear brands and designers are creating products that are kinder to the environment and still have all the functionality you’d expect from a great swimsuit or pair of board shorts. Here are some of the most exciting sustainable swimwear brands out there right now.
7 Sustainable Jewellery Brands you Really Need to Know About afbeelding
The world is taking its first tentative steps away from fast fashion. More and more of us are asking how and where our clothing is made. It’s important to ask the same questions of our accessories. So what does it take to be a sustainable jewellery brand?The best sustainable jewellery brands use recycled rather than newly mined materials. They have a transparent supply chain. And they do their best to protect both their workers and the environment. Thanks to the growing popularity of sustainable jewellery, it’s now possible to find jewellery that matches your price point and your values, as well as your own unique sense of style. Here are some of the best sustainable jewellery brands out there right now.
How to Turn your Browser into a Tree Planting Browser afbeelding
Every time we buy something new, it adds to our carbon footprint. Reducing the amount of stuff we buy is a great way to help the planet.But for those purchases that just can’t be avoided, using a tree planting browser – like TreeClicks – helps to reduce the carbon impact of shopping.
What is vegan leather? And which fashion brands are doing it best? afbeelding
Researchers have found that veganism is “the single biggest way” for individuals to reduce their environmental impact on the earth. So it should come as no real surprise that vegan leather is taking the fashion world by storm.But exactly what is vegan leather? And where can you find it?
The 27 Most Inspirational Quotes About Trees afbeelding
Throughout history, trees have filled us with wonder and sparked our imaginations. Writers, philosophers and even the odd politician have found inspiration in the branches and leaves of trees around them.And it’s little wonder. Trees are good for the soul. They’re essential to the air we breathe. And they provide a majestic example of strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. In need of a little inspiration? Below you’ll find 27 inspirational quotes about trees – their power, beauty and the importance of caring for them.
Sustainable Gift Shopping Guide: Gifts for Every Occasion afbeelding
Shopping for Christmas, Mother’s Day or birthday gifts? Finding just the right thing whilst making sure your gift doesn’t harm the planet can be tricky. Luckily, we’re here to give you the lowdown on gifting responsibly, whatever the occasion, with our sustainable gift shopping guide. Read on for sustainable shopping tips and a range of sustainable gifts sure to wow their recipients.