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Amazon Smile Ending - Alternatives for Amazon Smile 2023 afbeelding
In January 2023, Amazon Smile officially came to an end. Amazon Smile was a program that allowed customers to choose a charitable organization to receive a percentage of their eligible purchases. This program was a way for Amazon to give back to the community and support a variety of causes, from education to animal welfare. Many customers enjoyed using Amazon Smile to make a positive impact with their shopping. However, Amazon has decided to discontinue the program, leaving many shoppers disappointed.
Arbor Day - All about Arbor Day afbeelding
Arbor Day is all about planting trees. Around the world there are many public holidays on which trees are planted. The dates and specifics of these different tree planting holidays vary depending on the geographical location and climate zone. When people refer to Arbor Day, however, they are most frequently referring to the US Arbor Day. So let's look at the American Arbor Day in a little more depth.
9 of the Coolest Vegan Sneakers you can Buy Right Now afbeelding
Shopping for vegan sneakers? Brands are increasingly upping their game when it comes to sustainable shoes, free from animal products.If you want to make sure your sneakers are kind to the planet and 100% vegan, here are a few of the finest pairs you can find online right now.
Sustainable swimwear: 10 brands swimming against the tide afbeelding
Finding sustainable swimwear can be a tricky task. Typically, swimwear is made from plastic-based materials like nylon and polyester. They stretch well and dry quickly. But these synthetic fibres come from petroleum and they never biodegrade. So what’s a sustainability conscious swimmer to do? Thankfully, a number of swimwear brands and designers are creating products that are kinder to the environment and still have all the functionality you’d expect from a great swimsuit or pair of board shorts. Here are some of the most exciting sustainable swimwear brands out there right now.
7 Sustainable Jewellery Brands you Really Need to Know About afbeelding
The world is taking its first tentative steps away from fast fashion. More and more of us are asking how and where our clothing is made. It’s important to ask the same questions of our accessories. So what does it take to be a sustainable jewellery brand?The best sustainable jewellery brands use recycled rather than newly mined materials. They have a transparent supply chain. And they do their best to protect both their workers and the environment. Thanks to the growing popularity of sustainable jewellery, it’s now possible to find jewellery that matches your price point and your values, as well as your own unique sense of style. Here are some of the best sustainable jewellery brands out there right now.