TreeClicks for Android Browser - now available via Firefox afbeelding

We've developed TreeClicks for the Firefox mobile browser. Install the Firefox browser and then install TreeClicks for Firefox mobile.

UPDATE: We have create TreeClicks for Android. Install TreeClicks from the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, the default Android / Chrome browser does not allow extensions on your mobile phone.

Fortunately, you can install Firefox Mobile for Android and then install TreeClicks.

TreeClicks for Firefox Mobile

Use TreeClicks with Firefox Mobile

It is possible to use TreeClicks on Firefox Mobile. Therefore:

  1. Install Firefox Mobile on Android via the Play Store.
  2. Open the Firefox Mobile app and make it your default browser.
  3. Install TreeClicks for Firefox Mobile. Click on the install button.

After that, you can use TreeClicks on your Android mobile phone.

It only works for Firefox Mobile on Android. It does not work for Firefox Mobile on iOS.

TreeClicks for Firefox Mobile

Install TreeClicks on your desktop

If you don't want Firefox on your mobile phone, you can still install TreeClicks on most desktop browsers, like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Therefore, install TreeClicks for Desktop.

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