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Everybody has heard of Amazon. But what exactly is Amazon Smile? And how can we use it alongside TreeClicks to plant trees and support other great causes too? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

Amazon Smile has ended in January 2023. You can still make an impact by using TreeClicks when shopping at

What is Amazon Smile?

Amazon Smile is a sister site to the main Amazon shopping website. It has its own unique URL – The Amazon Smile site has all of the same products you’d find on But there’s one key difference. Unlike, Amazon Smile will donate money to a charity of your choice every time you shop.

Get set up with Amazon Smile and each time you make an Amazon purchase, the Amazon Smile Foundation will give 0.5% of whatever you spend to your designated charity. You don’t pay any extra for the products you buy but your charity benefits from your purchases.

Whilst it’s not a huge amount of money per purchase (and regularly giving direct to charities is still encouraged), every little helps. Amazon Smile gives shoppers a convenient way to support the causes they care about. And charitable organisations get a source of passive income that boosts their funds.

Which charities does Amazon Smile support?

There are over one million charities and organisations for shoppers to choose from at Amazon Smile. Charities are local to the URL you use. For example, will show different charities to

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll find a long list of charities – small organisations and well-known, big name charities too. Causes include pets and animals, arts and culture, education and youth, health, veterans and the environment.

Whatever cause you’re passionate about, Amazon Smile can help you to support it.

TreeClicks Plants Trees for Free the Next Time You Shop Online 🌲🛍️

TreeClicks is a free app for Chrome that plants trees for free when shopping online at more than 40,000+ shops. Including, Walmart, ASOS & Topshop. Shopping prices remain the same.

How to use Amazon Smile

Ready to get started with Amazon Smile? Just follow this easy step by step guide.

On desktop, iPads and other tablet devices

Visit the right website

Remember that donations aren’t applied to purchases made from the standard Amazon website. So you need to login in at or the equivalent URL for your location.

Your login details are the same as those you use for the standard Amazon website. And it can be helpful to bookmark the site so you don’t visit the main site by default.

Choose your charity

Once signed in to Amazon Smile, you’ll be prompted to pick a charity. There’s usually a curated list provided. But you can also use the search function. Search by either charity name or the type of work they do to find an organisation aligned with your outlook.

You can only support one charity at a time. But it’s easy to change things up if you want to donate to a variety of different organisations. Just login to Amazon Smile and click Accounts & lists > Your Amazon Smile > Your current charity > Change charity.

Shop for eligible products

Tens of millions of products are eligible for an Amazon Smile donation. But not all of them. Check the product detail section for an “Eligible for Amazon Smile donation” label. You can then be confident that your purchase will prompt a donation to your charity.

Bear in mind that the shipping fee and any returned products don’t count towards the donation amount. And neither do “Subscribe and save” purchases.

Check in with your donations

When you’re logged into Amazon Smile you’ll see “Supporting [your chosen charity]” below the search bar. Hover your cursor over the name of the charity and you can see the donation amount you’ve generated with your Amazon Smile purchases.

On smartphones

If you tend to use your smartphone for online shopping, the process is a little different. You can access Amazon Smile through the Amazon shopping app.

Sign up for Amazon Smile

Using your browser, navigate to Sign in using your usual Amazon credentials to sign up to the Amazon Smile program.

Setup Amazon Smile

Next, open the Amazon shopping app and find “Settings” in the main menu. Click “Amazon Smile” and follow instructions to set up Amazon Smile within the app. You may have to accept push notifications in order to do this.

Once you’ve selected your chosen charity, the Amazon Smile Foundation will make a donation on any eligible purchases you make through the app.

Tree reaching up to the sky

How to increase your donation with Amazon Smile AND TreeClicks

Amazon Smile is a great initiative. But 0.5% isn’t a huge amount. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could increase the amount given to charities at no extra cost to you? That’s where TreeClicks comes in.

What is TreeClicks?

TreeClicks is a charity working to support reforestation initiatives around the world – from Australia, to Tanzania to India and the Amazon. We do this because tree planting has been proven to cool the earth’s temperature and reduce the effects of global warming. It's an affordable and effective way to combat the climate crisis, helping to get the planet back on track.

How does TreeClicks work?

We receive a referral fee every time someone uses the TreeClicks browser extension and shops with one of our 50,000+ partner stores. We then spend this fee on planting trees.

How to use TreeClicks AND Amazon Smile to give more money to charity

TreeClicks isn’t listed as one of Amazon Smile’s charities. However, you can use our browser extension when shopping at Amazon Smile using your desktop computer, iPad or tablet. Amazon Smile is listed as one of our partner stores.

This means that for any purchases you make, Amazon Smile will donate to your designated charity and Amazon Smile will send TreeClicks a referral fee too. You’ll be supporting your chosen cause and helping to plant trees just by making everyday purchases. What's more, you won’t pay any extra for your products!

If you want to donate to both TreeClicks and your Amazon Smile charity, be sure to use the TreeClicks browser extension. It's unfortunately not possible to give to both charities using the Amazon shopping smartphone app.

how-to guide for more details.) Once it’s installed, you can use the TreeClicks browser extension to shop at Amazon Smile and 50,000 other popular online stores too.

It’s really easy to get started on your tree planting journey. We hope you’ll join us – and thousands of other TreeClickers – today!

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