Shop and we'll plant trees. For free.

A free Chrome-extension that plants trees when you shop at one of the 10000+ shops. Same shopping price.

Google Chrome Example
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How does TreeClicks work?

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1. Install TreeClicks in Chrome or Firefox

Install our plugin via the Chrome Web store or in Firefox. Easily done in less than a minute. And 100% free.

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2. Shop at 10000+ shops

If you shop via our partner shops and you have our plugin enabled we receive a fee for bringing you in as a customer. We use that fee to plant trees.

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3. We plant trees from our ad revenue

The majority of our fee directly goes into planting trees. Trees cool the earth. Tree planting is one of the most effective ways to reduce global warming.

Shop at thousands of shops like:

Why is this free?
Is there a catch?

There is no catch! TreeClicks gets paid for each sale you make through our browser extensions. We receive a fee for bringing you in as a customer. We use the majority of that fee for planting trees. Shopping prices remain the same.

Same shopping price

Plant trees in India

Installed in 1 minute

10000+ well known shops


One simple plugin
capable of planting billions of trees.

In the US, ecommerce is a $500 billion business. If every purchase worldwide would be made via TreeClicks, we could plant billions of trees.

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Prevent 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature rise

Tree planting has been proven an effective way to cool the earth. Help limiting global warming by planting trees.

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Help planting trees

Planting trees is easy and doesn't cost much. That's why we put the majority of our ad revenue into tree planting




How could this be free?

We get a fee for bringing you in as a customer. We'll use a large portion of that fee to plant trees.


What browsers are supported?

You can download TreeClicks for Google Chrome & Firefox. You can also help planting by opening stores via our store page.


Isn't it best not to shop at all the combat climate change?

Sure, it's best not to shop at all to minimize your climate impact. However, sometimes you do need something. In those cases, try to shop as sustainable as possible and use TreeClicks if the shop is affiliated with us, so we can plant trees with the ad revenue we receive.


Why trees and not other climate change reducing solutions?

Tree planting has been stated as a very effective way in reducing global warming. If you rather would like to support other environmental projects, there's enough interesting NGOs out there to support.